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If you too feel enthusiasm in you when you think of adventures, then you really must visit Rishikesh. As per your need and interests, you will get to choose from various camping options here like luxury camps, camps on the riverside, camps on the beach and camps in the jungle. When I say Camping in Rishikesh, I refer to you staying in camps, lighting up bonfires, listening to music, having meals and snacks there, etc. you have come to the right website to grab information about camps in Rishikesh. The charges for 1 night and 2 days are Rs 999 per person, and when I say this, I refer to basic camp, and the fare shall increase with facilities provided in the campside.

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waterfall trekking

Waterfall Trekking

Rishikesh Camp With Complete Informtion

When you start looking, you will find a never ending list of good camps in Rishikesh. And we believe that the best camp is when you camp with nature. Rishikesh camps offer you sites and opportunities to enjoy camps to your fullest, with the aroma of nature and freshness of ambiguous Rishikesh. Right from beautiful beach camps to serene luxury camps on the mountains, we are enlisting below the best camps in Rishikesh for you.

Camps and Cottages

luxury campsite near ganga

Affordable Luxury Campsite Nearby Ganga River

If you are looking for luxury on the bank of river Ganga, this one will be the most affordable option for you. This option is well equipped with various options like coolers, washrooms, is spacious, has a big playing area, dining hall, place for your bonfires, and several indoor and outdoor activities to do. You can play volleyball, swim in the Ganga river and have so much more fun like this.

Why Choose This Campsite?

  • You can camp with the luxury of attached washroom
  • You will find air coolers and electricity in the camp
  • The camp is situated on 20 metres far form the road
  • You can avail good quality of food and other services
  • The Ganga river is just 200 metres away from the camp
  • You get to swim in the Ganga river with life jackets.

Package: Rs.1499/- Per Person Per Night with 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner and 1 Breakfast - evening light snacks bonfire and light music.

luxury camping in shivpuri

Shivpuri Luxury Camping - Hills and Mountails Valley View

With the magical view of the serene Himalayas, and a well maintained private garden, this luxury camp in Rishikesh has your provision to premium swiss tents to quench your thirst for a life on the edge. Guests can rest on the big lawn that has been manicured beautifully and also there is a swimming pool. This camp side in Rishikesh is among the biggest in Shivpuri.

Why Choose This Campsite?

  • Camps with attached washrooms
  • Private parking lot
  • 24 hours electricity and basic amenities like coolers
  • Good quality food and service
  • Clean and big swimming pool
  • Forest view, mountain view and a valley nearby

Package: Rs.1199/- Per Person Per Night with 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner and 1 Breakfast - evening light snacks bonfire and light music.

ganga view camp in shivpuri

Shivpuri Camp with Ganga View - Luxury

When you stay in a luxury camp, and you get to hear the gushing Ganga and get to view the spectacular views of the mountain, you shall want to stay there forever! This option will give you a campsite which is just 250 metres from Ganga, you can park your vehicle on the roadside and walk 100 metres over the hill to reach this campsite.

Why Choose This Campsite?

  • Attached washrooms
  • Attached swimming pool
  • Air coolers and electricity backup
  • Quality of food and services
  • View of the Ganga river from the campsite

Package: Rs.1099/- Per Person Per Night with 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner and 1 Breakfast - evening light snacks bonfire and light music.

luxury cottages in shivpuri rishikesh

Luxury Cottages in Rishikesh Shivpuri

With the beautiful scenery of mystic mountains, we have cottages in Rishikesh that are glamorous and just so luxurious. You can come with your whole family and we provide you with all basic amenities like electricity, separate washrooms, etc.

Why Choose This Campsite?

  • Cottages with attached washrooms
  • 250 metre uphill walk
  • Air coolers and 24 hours power backup
  • Ganga river is only half a kilometre
  • Swimming pool

Package: Rs.2299/- Per Person Per Night with 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner and 1 Breakfast - evening light snacks bonfire and light music.

adventure sports in rishikesh

Adventure sports in Rishikesh camp

Indulge yourself in the great adventure sports activities in Rishikesh like River rafting, Kayaking, zipline, rope course, sky cycle.

  • Zipline- Prepare yourself to fly over the Ganga river
  • River rafting- White water rafting in River Ganga
  • Sky cycle- You can cycle between the valleys
  • Rope course- There are more than adventure activities on rope
  • Kayaking- Play with the waves of River Ganga
  • Reverse Bungee- A unique adventure activity in Rishikesh

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About Rishikesh Camps

Rishikesh is a hub for both spiritual and adventure spots for many tourists in India. There is a special vibe in Rishikesh and there are so many options to choose from when it comes to doing a lot of fun- filled adventure activities. Moreover, you get all this at a very affordable price.
You can come with families, friends, or you can come solo too. We have options for all kinds of you. We have camp options to fulfill the requirement of all types of travellers.
Whether you wish for adventure or you wish for luxury or you are seeking for both, we have options for you to choose from, for all the choices when you come to camp in Rishikesh.

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